About Find Help Phoenix

Maricopa County Department of Public Health created FindHelpPhx.org and its Spanish partner site EncuentraAyudaPhx.org to give Maricopa County residents an easy way to find health and social services for themselves. The website is easy to use and available where there is internet access, including smartphones.

FindHelpPhoenix is divided into multiple categories of services. Users can look for medical services, legal help, and affordable housing, and many other services. The approximate 1,500 resources are free and almost free, checked for accuracy, and the information for each service is just what you need: location, a description of the service, cost, and a phone number/website link to make contact. Please email any non-profit resources that aren’t included in the site, as well as changes to information to: FindHelpPhx@mail.maricopa.gov


While we do everything we can to ensure that the information on our website is convenient and reliable we are not responsible for agencies misrepresenting themselves or changing services without notifying us.